Indirect Bonding Trays

Accurate. Efficient. Less chair time.

Tru-Tain Retainer

Indirect bonding was developed to improve the accuracy and efficiency with which brackets are fitted in the practice.

We place the brackets on the patient's stone model rather than you bonding them directly on the teeth. This prevents you having to work entirely in your patients mouth.

Once we've precisely placed the brackets on the model, a transfer stent is produced. The brackets can then be transferred to the patient’s mouth ready for accurate, quick bonding.

Advantages of Indirect Bonding include:

- Accurate placement of the brackets due to improved visualisation — particularly true of the posterior area

- Can typically result in shorter treatment times

- An improved ability to bond posterior teeth

- A more comfortable experience for the patient

- Reduced chair time.

Fabrication time: 2 days

We also develop, produce and distribute Tru-Tain Retainers, Bonded Retainers, Locating devices for bonded retainers, V-Loop Bonded Retainers, Whitening Trays, Twin Blocks, Upper or Lower Hawley Retainers, Soft Bite Raising Appliances, Nance, Lingual/Palatal Arches, Quad Helix, URA/LRA, URA/LRA Repairs, NHS Study Models, Additions of tooth to URA/LRA, URA/LRA Screws, Buccal Tubes, RME, Clear aligners, Gum shields, Gloss, pure white study models, Retainer boxes, and much more.

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