Tru-Tain Retainers

Strong. Durable. Aesthetic.

The material we use for our Tru-Tain retainers is chosen for its combination of strength, durability and clarity. It is extremely durable when formed. It doesn't crack, bend out of shape, or break.

Our Tru-tain retainers can be custom designed to suit your individual needs. We can also provide you with retainer boxes, together with care instructions for your patient.

Fabrication time: 2 days

Tru-Tain Retainer

We also develop, produce and distribute Bonded Retainers, Locating devices for bonded retainers, V-Loop Bonded Retainers, Indirect Bonding Trays, Whitening Trays, Twin Blocks, Upper or Lower Hawley Retainers, Soft Bite Raising Appliances, Nance, Lingual/Palatal Arches, Quad Helix, URA/LRA, URA/LRA Repairs, NHS Study Models, Additions of tooth to URA/LRA, URA/LRA Screws, Buccal Tubes, RME, Clear aligners, Gum shields, Gloss, pure white study models, Retainer boxes, and much more.

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